This page outlines the structures in place to ensure outputs from the NDRI research program are independent and credible.

Delivering independent outcomes

The Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA), the program facilitator for the NDRI, is an independent initiative working to bring together industry, technology suppliers, research organisations and government to help to grow and prepare the Australian industry to support future decommissioning projects.

A critical component of the NDRI’s structure is the implementation of an Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB). The NDRI’s role is to maximise the integrity and quality of science produced by the NDRI.

Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB)

The NDRI ran two Expression of Interest processes in 2018 and 2019, which received more than 30 applications, and resulted in the selection and appointment of the inaugural ISAB.

With the ISAB being responsible for scientific rigour of the NDRI, applicants were shortlisted based on qualifications (minimum PhD), experience (time spent in academia; exposure in high profile journals) and diversity of background.

The ISAB of the NDRI is comprised of:

The ISAB is responsible for development of the NDRI’s Expression of Interest, shortlisting of project proposals and providing independent oversight of research project progress in line with the NDRI’s objectives.

The ISAB is also supported by Independent Technical Experts, including:

  • Mr Richard Heard, Heard Associates Limited

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, comprised of eight industry partners, is responsible for oversighting strategic direction of the NDRI.

This Committee has responsibility for:

  • Approval of work program and budget.
  • Endorsement of Expression of Interest and Request for Funding processes.
  • Approval of project funding.
  • Appointment of the ISAB Chair and endorsement of ISAB appointments.

The Committee is required to comply with the NDRI’s Conflict of Interest Policy and other governance measures.

Further information on the NDRI’s industry partners is provided on the About page.