Provided below is a list of decommissioning-related research compiled by the NDRI.

Titles listed as ‘Commissioned by NDRI’ have been funded through our research program. If a title is listed as ‘Reviewed by NDRI’, this means that we have asked one of our expert peer reviewers to provide an opinion on the potential impact of the research.

Table of reports

DateAuthorArticleCategorySourceCommissioned by NDRIReviewed by NDRI
01/03/2023Sarah M. Watson, Dianne L. McLean, Brian J. Balcom, Silvana N.R. Birchenough, Alison M. Brand, Elodie C.M. Camprasse, Jeremy T. Claisse, Joop W.P. Coolen, Tom Cresswell, Bert Fokkema, Susan Gourvenec, Lea-Anne Henry, Chad L. Hewitt, Milton S. Love, Amy E. MacIntosh, Michael Marnane, Emma McKinley, Shannon Micallef, Deborah Morgan, Joseph Nicolette, Kristen Ounanian, John Patterson, Karen Seath, Allison G.L. Selman, Iain M. Suthers, Victoria L.G. Todd, Aaron Tung , Peter I. MacreadieOffshore decommissioning horizon scan: Research priorities to support decision-making activities for oil and gas infrastructurePriority research areas, Offshore decommissioning; Oil and gas, Evidence based Decision makingScience of the Total EnvironmentNoNo
01/03/2023Darren Koppel, Tom Cresswell, Amy MacIntosh, Rebecca von Hellfeld, Astley Hasting, Stuart HigginsThreshold values for the protection of marine ecosystems from NORM in subsea oil and gas infrastructure Offshore decommissioning; Oil and gas; Environmental impact assessment; NORM; Contaminated pipelinesJournal of Environmental RadioactivityYesYes
28/10/2022Ronen Galaiduk, Ben Radford, Mark Case, Todd Bond, Michael Taylor, Tim Cooper, Luke Smith and Dianne McLeanRegional patterns in demersal fish assemblages among subsea pipelines and natural habitats across north-west AustraliaSubsea oil and gas infrastructure; Offshore decommissioning; Fish assemblageFrontiers in Marine ScienceYesYes
01/09/2022da Cunha Jácome Vidal P, Aguirre González MO, Cassimiro de Melo D, de Oliveira Ferreira P, Vasconcelos Sampaio PG, Lima LOConceptual framework for the decommissioning process of offshore oil and gas platformsOffshore decommissioning; Oil and gas; Environmental impact assessmentMarine StructuresNoNo
26/08/2022Madgett AS, Harvey ES, Driessen D, Schramm KD, Fullwood LAF, Songploy S, Kettratad J, Sitaworawetf P, Chaiyakul, S, Elsdon TS, Marnane MJSpawning aggregation of bigeye trevally, Caranx sexfasciatus, highlights the ecological importance of oil and gas platforms Offshore decommissioning; Oil and gas; Fish assemblage; Fisheries; Rigs to reefsEstuarine, Coastal and Shelf ScienceNoNo
26/08/2022McLean D, Speed CW, Birt MJ, Colquhoun J, Case M, Stowar M, Bond T, Ierodiaconou D, Whitmarsh SK, Taylor MD, Wines S, Booth DJ, Fowler AM, Vaughan BIHabitat value of subsea wells and pipelines for fishery target species in AustraliaOffshore decommissioning; Oil and gas; Fish production; Habitat; Artificial reef; Rigs to reef; FisheriesFrontiers in Marine ScienceYesYes
19/08/2022Marnane MJ, Schramm KD, Driessen D, Fullwood LA, Saunders BJ, Songploy S, Kettratad J, Sitaworawet P, Chaiyakul S, Chankong A, Chantarawat N, Elsdon TS, Harvey ESEvidence of fish following towed oil and gas platforms to a reefing site and rapid colonisationOffshore decommissioning; Oil and gas; Fish assemblage; Fisheries; Rigs to reefsMarine Environmental ResearchNoNo
11/06/2022Kho F, Koppel DJ, von Hellfeld R, Hastings A, Gissi F, Cresswell S, Higgins S.Current Understanding of The Ecological Risk of Mercury from Subsea Oil and Gas Infrastructure to Marine EcosystemsOffshore decommissioning; Oil and gas; Environmental impact assessment; Mercury; Contaminated pipelinesJournal of Hazardous MaterialsYesYes
13/05/2022Alexander N. Testoff, Nicholas A. Nelson and Joseph P. NicoletteA quantitative method for evaluating ecological risks associated with long-term degradation of deep-sea plastic-containing infrastructureDegradation; Ecological risk, Offshore decommissioning; Plastics; ToxicityThe APPEA JournalNoYes
10/03/2022C. Gabriela Mayorga-Adame1, Jeff A. Polton, Alan D. Fox, Lea-Anne HenrySpatiotemporal scales of larval dispersal and connectivity among oil and gas structures in the North SeaOffshore connectivity; offshore & marine structuresMarine Ecology Progress SeriesNoNo
12/02/2022van Elden S, Meeuwig JJ, Hobbs RJ.Offshore platforms as novel ecosystems: A case study from Australia’s Northwest ShelfOffshore decommissioning; Oil and gas; Environmental impact assessment; EIA; Sea dumping; Artificial reef; Rigs to reefEcology and EvolutionNoNo
19/01/2022McLean et al.Influence of offshore oil and gas structures on seascape ecological connectivityOffshore connectivity; offshore & marine structuresGlobal Change BiologyYesYes
01/01/2022DJ.Koppel; F. Khoa; A. Hastings; D.Crouch; A.MacIntosh; T. Cresswell; S.HigginsCurrent understanding and research needs for ecological risk assessments of naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in subsea oil and gas pipelinesEnvironmental impact assessment; EIA; Sea dumping; Artificial reef; Rigs to reef; Offshore DecommissioningJournal of Environmental RadioactivityYesYes
19/11/2021Davies.AJ: Hastings.AQuantifying greenhouse gas emissions from decommissioned oil and gas steel structures: Can current policy meet NetZero goals?Decommissioning; Greenhouse gas; Emissions; Oil& gasEnergy PolicyNoNo
22/09/2021ES.Harvey; SL. Watts; BJ.Saunders; D.Driessen; LAF.Fullwood; M.Bunce; Se Songploy; J.Kettratad; P.Sitaworawet; S.Chaiyakul; TS.Elsdon; MJ. MarnaneFish Assemblages Associated With Oil and Gas Platforms in the Gulf of ThailandOffshore decommissioning; fish communities; Frontiers in Marine ScienceNoNo
24/08/2021"Harvey, E.S., Ackermann, F., Burton, M., Clifton, J., Elrick-Barr, C.E., Zimmerhackel, J.S., Hill, G., Newman, S.J., Shaw, J.L., Pagano, M., McLeod, P., McLean, D.L., and Partridge. J.C. "Enhancing the Understanding of the Value Provided to Fisheries by Man-made Aquatic StructuresOffshore decommissioning; Oil and gas; Habitat; Artificial reef; Rigs to reef; FisheriesFisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC)NoNo
02/07/2021T.Cresswell; Sue.Brown; H.Wong; S.ApteAssessing the impacts of scale residues from offshore oil and gas decommissioning on marine organismsOffshore decommissioning; pipelines; mercury; NORM; impact assessmentThe APPEA Journal NoNo
24/06/2021M. Schläppy; LM. Robinson; V.Camilieri-Asch; K.MillerTrash or Treasure? Considerations for Future Ecological Research to Inform Oil and Gas DecommissioningSubsea structures, decommissioning, offshore wind, marine renewables, rigs-to-reefs, oil and gas industry, offshore & marine structuresFrontiers in Marine ScienceNoNo
16/04/2021Birchenough, S.N.R and Degraer, S.Science in support of ecologically sound decommissioning strategies for offshore man-made structures: taking stock of current knowledge and considering future challenges Offshore decommissioning; Oil and gas; Environmental impact assessmentICES Journal of Marine ScienceNoNo
06/08/2020T.Bond; R. J. Mueller; Matthew J. Birt; J. Prince; K. Miller; J. Patridge; D. McLeanMystery pufferfish create elaborate circular nests at mesophotic depths in AustraliaFish; Pufferfish; North West; EnvironmentJournal of Fish Biology NoNo
27/05/2020Meyer-Gutbrod EL, Love MS, Schroeder DM, Claisse JT, Kui L, Miller RJ.Forecasting the legacy of offshore oil and gas platforms on fish community structure and productivityOffshore decommissioning; Oil and gas; Environmental impact assessment; EIA; Sea dumping; Artificial reef; Rigs to reef; Fish community; Fish productivityEcological ApplicationsNoNo
15/05/2020S.McKay; SA.Higgins; P.BakerNORM inventory forecast for australian offshore oil and gas decommissioned assets and radioactive waste disposal pathways. Offshore decommissioning; NORMAPPEA JournalNoNo
20/03/2020D. Mclean et alEnhancing the Scientific Value of Industry Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) in Our OceanROV; Surveys; GuidelinesFrontiers in Marine ScienceNoNo
12/06/2019D. Burdon; S. Barnard; S.J. Boyes; M.ElliottOil and gas infrastructure decommissioning in marine protected areas: System complexity, analysis and challengesEnvironmentMarine Pollution BulletinNoNo
12/06/2019Daniel O.B. Jones; Andrew R.Gates; Veerle A.I.Huvenne; Alexander B.Phillips; Brian J.BettAutonomous marine environmental monitoring: Application in decommissioned oil fieldsEnvironment; MonitoringScience of the Total EnvironmentNoNo
25/03/2019Brigitte Sommer; Ashley M.Fowler; Peter I. Macreadie; David A.Palandro; Azivy C.Aziz; David J.BoothDecommissioning of offshore oil and gas structures – Environmental opportunities and challengesEnvironmentScience of the Total EnvironmentNoNo
11/02/2019Nichola C Lacey, Peter HayesEpifauna associated with subsea pipelines in the North SeaMarine; PipelineICES Journal of Marine ScienceNoNo
01/02/2019Ann Scarborough Bull & Milton LoveWorldwide oil and gas platform decommissioning: A review of practices and reefing optionsEnvironmentOcean & Coastal ManagementNoNo
26/11/2018Todd Bond, Julian C. Partridge, Michael D. Taylor, Tim F. Cooper, Dianne L. McLeanThe influence of depth and a subsea pipeline on fish assemblages and commercially fished speciesMarine; Pipelines; FishPLos ONENoNo
01/11/2018F. Murray et alData challenges and opportunities for environmental management of North Sea oil and gas decommissioning in an era of blue growthEnvironment; DataMarine PolicyNoNo
01/10/2018T.Bond, J.C.Partridge, J. Prince, D.J. WhiteThe Value of Subsea Pipelines to Marine BiodiversityMarine; PipelinesOffshore Technology Conference AsiaNoNo
01/10/2018T.Bond, J.C.Partridge, M.D.Taylor, T.J.Langlois, B.E.Malseed, L.D.Smith, D.L.McLeanFish associated with a subsea pipeline and adjacent seafloor of the North West Shelf of Western AustraliaMarine; Pipelines; FishMarine Environmental ResearchNoNo
01/10/2018Bond, T., Langlois, T.J., Partridge, J.C., Birt, M.J., Malseed, B.E., Smith, L. and McLean, D.L.Diel shifts and habitat associations of fish assemblages on a subsea pipeline.Marine; PipelineFisheries ResearchNoNo
12/09/2018M. Baqery; P.EdalatA Knowledge Based Decommissioning Alternative Selection System for Fixed Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms in Persian GulfEnvironmental impact assessment; EIA; Sea dumping; Artificial reef; Rigs to reef; Offshore DecommissioningInternational Journal of Coastal & Offshore EngineeringNoNo
15/07/2018ML.Fam; D.Konovessis; LS.Ong; HK.TanA review of offshore decommissioning regulations in five countries – strengths and weaknesses. Offshore decommissioning; offshore regulationsOcean EngineeringNoNo
15/07/2018D.L.McLean, M.D.Taylor, J.C.Partridge, B.Gibbons, T.J.Langlois, B.E.Malseed, L.D.Smith, T.BondFish and habitats on wellhead infrastructure on the north west shelf of Western AustraliaMarine; Fish; Habitat; Wellhead; WellsContinental Shelf ResearchNoNo
03/07/2018AM.Fowler; A.-M. Jørgensen; JC.Svendsen; PI.Macreadie; DOB. Jones; AR.Boon; DJ.Booth; R.Brabant; E.Callahan; JT.Claisse; TG.Dahlgren; S.Degraer; QR.Dokken; AB.Gill; DG.Johns; RJ.Leewis; HJ.Lindeboom; O.Linden; R.May; AJ.Murk; G.Ottersen; DM.Schroeder; SM.Shastri; J.Teilmann; V.Todd; G.VanHoey; J.Vanaverbeke; JWP.CoolenEnvironmental benefits of leaving offshore infrastructure in the ocean. Offshore decommissioningFrontiers in Ecology and the EnvironmentNoNo
01/04/2018Sally Rouse; Peter Hayes; Ian M.Davies; Thomas A.WildingOffshore pipeline decommissioning: Scale and contextEnvironment; EngineeringMarine Pollution BulletinNoNo
01/01/2018Shaw J.L., Seares P., Newman S.J.Decommissioning offshore infrastructure: a review of stakeholder views and science priorities.Offshore decommissioning; Oil and gas; Stakeholders, ResearchWestern Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI)NoNo
16/05/2017McLean, D.L., Partridge, J.C., Bond, T., Birt, M.J., Bornt, K.R., and Langlois, T.J.Using industry ROV videos to assess fish associations with subsea pipelinesMarine; ROVContinental Shelf ResearchNoNo
01/02/2017John Chandler; David White; Erika J.Techera; Susan Gourvenec; Scott DraperEngineering and legal considerations for decommissioning of offshore oil and gas infrastructure in AustraliaEngineering; LegalOcean EngineeringNoNo
01/01/2014A.M.Fowler; P.I.Macreadie; D.O.B.Jones; D.J.BoothA multi-criteria decision approach to decommissioning of offshore oil and gas infrastructureEnvironment; Comparative AssessmentOcean & Coastal ManagementNoNo
27/11/2013Melchers.REExamples of mathematical modelling of long term general corrosion of structural steels in sea waterOffshore decommissioning; Pipelines; Corrosion; SteelCorrosion Engineering, Science and TechnologyNoNo