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Research Program 3 Project 1: Public Perceptions of Decommissioning Oil and Gas Infrastructure – A case study

Full Project Title

Public Perceptions of Decommissioning Oil and Gas Platforms

NDRI Reference

Project 3.1

Project Proponents

Cardiff University and Deakin University


Q4 2022


Using the IT’S COMPLICATED Exhibition at MOD. as an opportunity to reach a wide audience, a questionnaire was developed to collect information about existing attitudes and perceptions regarding decommissioning of oil and gas infrastructure. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, MOD. describes itself as a ‘museum of discovery’, with exhibitions which bring together researchers, industry and students on a wide range of complex topics.
Objectives – Develop a questionnaire-based data collection tool to assess public perceptions of decommissioning. The questionnaire will collect data on views towards the marine environment generally, human impacts on the marine environment and the potential for decommissioning these installations. Produce a peer reviewed report summarising results from the data collection.