Project 3 – Understanding the spread risk of invasive marine species (IMS) in the context of decommissioning

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Understanding the spread risk of invasive marine species (IMS) in the context of decommissioning.

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Project 1.3

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Murdoch University


Identify evidence of IMS associated with existing O&G structures and determine how IMS risk varies with different decommissioning scenarios and management regimes


Common hazards in a marine biosecurity context are non-native species that are likely to arrive (or already be present) and have the potential to cause adverse effects (harm). In the context of this research, project hazards are non-native species, likely to be present on existing O&G structures, that may cause various levels of harm under differing decommissioning scenarios.

In the absence of direct survey information to indicate which species are present on existing O&G platforms, this project will undertake a comprehensive systematic review of the available global primary and grey literature to:

  • identify marine species reported from O&G structures (including, where possible, identified according to bioregions);
  • determine which species are known to have a history of invasions or are known IMS through comparison with global marine invader datasets (eg Hewitt et al. unpub data; World Register of Introduced Marine Species); and
  • determine which recognised IMS overlap with existing distributions in Australia (Australian National Port Surveys; Hewitt et al. 2009).

This will result in a list of recognised IMS (or potential IMS) hazards associated with O&G structures.

Following the development of the IMS list, this project will evaluate the potential for IMS impact under decommissioning scenarios and management regimes using a risk-based approach.

  • A global review of species known to be associated with O&G structures
  • An understanding of the IMS risks associated with decommissioning scenarios and management regimes, with information sufficient to inform decision making for individual O&G structures.
  • A regime of risk management actions supported by decision trees to be employed when considering individual O&G structures

Evaluating nonindigenous marine species (NIMS) risks associated with decommissioning oil and gas infrastructure

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