Research Program 2, Project 2 –¬†Understanding of the lifespan of decommissioned O&G infrastructure in the ocean (non-metals)

Full Project Title

Understanding of the lifespan of O&G infrastructure in the ocean, including the degradation mechanisms and rate of deterioration of non-metals.

NDRI Reference

RP2-Pro2 (Research Program 2 – Project 2)


To investigate the rates of O&G non-metal material degradation in the marine environment.


Materials used in oil and gas structures, such as non-metals (e.g. plastics) used in the construction of pipelines, will break down over time. However, there are many influences on the rates at which these materials will degrade. This project seeks to improve understanding of material degradation and their potential fate in the marine environment.

  1. How long will O&G structures persist if left in the oceans, and what are the degradation mechanisms and influences on non-metals?

An applicant may wish to address RP2-Pro1 and RP2-Pro 2 at the same time.

It is expected that this objective will be addressed through literature reviews, expert analysis, risk assessments, and appropriate modelling.


The NDRI will seek to consolidate an initial set of reports to provide the successful proponent a more advanced starting point for this project.